Frequently Asked Questions


Where do we begin?

Your time with me will begin with a complimentary phone call to assess the situation and go over your needs. Next, we will set up a meeting in your home where we will set goals, create a vision and a supply list for any tools we may need. After that, the rest is on me!

yikes! are you sure you want to see my bathroom cupboard?

Do not worry! I’ve seen it all. Chances are you are in better shape than you think. Plus, my mom will be the first to tell you that I have had a few crazy closets in my time. All it takes is patience, a new system and little cleaning out to completely change that scary cupboard! I got you!

my house is in shambles and i’m moving next month. will you organize and pack with me?

Yes! Some of the best projects I have completed are where the client and I work side by side. Packing for a move can be overwhelming and the least fun. From my own experience (thanks mom!) having someone clean out, organize and pack with you can be much more efficient, relaxing and rewarding!

what does wellness have to do with feeling together?

An organized mind is the perfect compliment to an organized home. I don’t know about you, but without a full fridge of healthy food on Sunday, a meal plan for the week and my workout schedule set, my mind is a mess! Often organizing your mind is much easier than you think. I am here to help you brainstorm what you want, create a list and hold you accountable!

What if i have a household task that requires a specific “Guy”?

I know the guy, or gal! I have a great list of reliable handymen, landscapers, dry cleaners, plumbers, electricians, etc. And, if I don’t have one, I will find one!

Do you work with clients outside of the Philadelphia area?

While I primarily work in Philly and South Jersey, I would love to discuss working on larger projects on the East Coast. Let’s chat!

Can I have references from former or current clients?

Of course, contact me and I will provide them for you.